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Child and Spousal Support Lawyer

Child support and spousal support are both important legal matters that often need addressing when a couple divorces. If you have children with your spouse, child support will need to be established when custody is determined. Although spousal support is not automatic, it may apply in your divorce.

At The Law Firm of Gary N. Weintraub, LLP, we can explain your options and help you make informed decisions about these important legal matters. Contact a child and spousal support lawyer in Huntington to find out more.

Child Support

Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the primary custodial parent to provide for the financial needs of the child. In New York, child support is, for the most part, governed by statute. In determining the amount of child support a parent will be required to pay, the following is considered:

  • Income of both parents
  • Number of children
  • How much time the child spends with each parent

Our firm can represent either party in child support determinations. Whether you are the custodial parent seeking child support payments, or the non-custodial parent who is required to make payments, we will endeavor to see to it that your financial interests are protected and that your child's needs are being met. We can also assist with child support modifications.

Spousal Support

In divorce proceedings, the issue of spousal support/alimony often is raised. Spousal support is a payment made from one spouse to the less-moneyed spouse post-divorce. It is not automatic in New York.

Spousal support may be issued temporarily or permanently. Today, there is a presumption that temporary spousal support will apply in a divorce for the "needy" spouse. This comes after changes to the law in 2010. If you are facing divorce, our firm can represent you in spousal support matters involving both temporary and permanent support.

Our firm represents either party in spousal support/alimony matters. If you are seeking spousal maintenance or are required to pay it, our firm can explain your options and protect your financial interests. We can also represent you in spousal support modifications.

Contact a Suffolk County Family Law Attorney

For more information about establishing or modifying child support or spousal support in New York, contact our Long Island law office to talk to a lawyer.

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