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New York Order of Protection

The Law Firm of Gary N. Weintraub, LLP represents parties seeking orders of protection, as well as individuals who have been falsely accused of an act of violence resulting in the issuance of an order of protection. Contact our Huntington, Long Island, law firm to learn more about your legal options.

Getting an Order of Protection

If you are experiencing domestic violence or spousal abuse, it is important to act quickly and seek legal protection through an order of protection. There are three options for seeking an order of protection. Our firm can assess your situation and determine what option is best for you:

  • Lower criminal court
  • Family court (non-criminal)
  • State Supreme Court (in the context of a pending divorce)

Although applications for orders of protection are usually filed by individual parties on their own (pro se), our firm can file the paperwork necessary to get started. Our goal is to help you take the necessary steps to keep you and your children safe.

Defending Against an Order of Protection

Not everyone who has an order of protection issued against him or her is guilty of a family offense. In fact, many times one individual will falsely accuse another of domestic violence in an attempt to gain the upper hand or obtain a strategic advantage in a pending divorce. If you have been falsely accused of spousal abuse or domestic violence, our firm can help you explore your legal options. The issuance of an order of protection against you could have devastating consequences on relationships with your children and other family members. We are ready to protect your rights and explain your legal options if an order of protection has been issued against you.

Contact a Suffolk County Family Law Lawyer

To learn more about seeking or defending against an order of protection in New York, contact an experienced court attorney today to schedule an initial consultation.

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