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Post-Divorce Modifications Hearing Attorney

After a divorce has been finalized, lives change. Individual parties who have divorced are expected to abide by the terms established in their divorce decrees and agreements. These may include child custody, child support, and spousal support. However, after time has passed and lives have changed, it may become necessary to revisit these decrees.

If you have experienced a significant change in circumstances that makes it difficult to meet your current obligations with regard to child custody or support, or spousal support, you may, depending upon the circumstances, be able to have your order modified. At The Law Firm of Gary N. Weintraub, LLP, we can assess your situation and help you determine if the court is likely to grant a modification. Contact a New York family law attorney to find out more.

Post-Divorce Modifications

The Law Firm of Gary N. Weintraub, LLP can assist you in modifying child custody, child support, and spousal support.

  • Child custody — Child custody may be modified if one parent is unable to provide care for a child, if alcohol or drug abuse is suspected, if the needs of the child have changed, and in other circumstances. Also, if a parent is relocating, it may be necessary to modify an existing child custody order.
  • Child support — Job loss, a significant change in financial circumstances, or a change in the needs of the child can necessitate a child support modification.
  • Spousal support — If the ability of the paying spouse to make spousal support payments has changed, or if the less-moneyed spouse has had a change in circumstances, spousal support can often be revisited and potentially modified.

Contact a Suffolk County Child Custody and Support Lawyer

To learn more about the requirements for seeking post-divorce modifications and your specific options, contact a Long Island modifications attorney to schedule an initial consultation.

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